Infected Telecom Stations

Telekom.wad- 1.3 and Risen3D version by Charles Horvath (Oldanimal)

You should hear my Doom E1M3 music remix

SCREENSHOTS from both version

Map01 :
Amplifier room Generator room Building from outside-R3d ver.

Map02 :
Entrance gate Rows in the PCM An office-R3d ver.

Map03 :
Hall of Digit2-R3d ver. Digit2 Spider is waiting for you

Map04 :
Map04 playing
Transmission control-R3d ver. Mastermind in trouble-R3d ver. View from the secret room-R3d ver.

Map05 :
Map05 playing
The stairway Control room Security control

Map06 :
Cyberdemon's courtyard Oldrock- there will be a Mastermind-R3d ver. Monster supervising-R3d ver.

Map07 :
Soldiers' dining-room Radar control-R3d ver. Flying altidude meter-R3d ver.

Map08 :
You should use the invulnerability here Teleports to the death Slope to the Cyd

Map09 :
Cacodemon matron, Imp nurses Fomer sergeant patients Nurse station

Map10 :
About to street fight Hell knight is coming Movie balcony

Map11 :
Central room-R3d ver. Imp in the office Exit to the airplane

Map12 :
Map12 story
Biolabor-R3d ver. Navigation room-R3d ver. Computer room-R3d ver.

Map13 :
Map13 story
Broadcast control Transmission room-R3d ver. Power generator

Map14 :
Map14 story
Arriving-R3d ver. Maxwell mainframe-R3d ver. Leonardo's robot factory

Map15 :
Central Hall-R3d ver. Hand-shaped switch-R3d ver. Pastime Center

Map16 :
An arena-R3d ver. Central room Passage-R3d ver.

Map31 :
Armory in the kitchen 108 inside Arena

Map32 :
Hall of SS soldiers Outside-wait until the spiders fall Shore of Balaton

Read telekom.txt, 1.21
Download the not port specific levels, version 1.2. (the oldest)

Download the not port specific levels,
newer version, not ready yet, in progress, changing about weekly!
Jump to the version 1.4x page!

Download the Risen3D port specific install file, old version (1.3)

Read Telemus.txt
Download music&sounds file, old
(If you like this kind of music you can use it to kill an another wad's not bearable music (for all levels).)

I also have a doom2 remix music wad (SB Live + good headphones)

Download my doom2 remix

(If you don't like some pwad's music, add it at the end of the wad list to kill the original pwad music)

The MD2 files originally created by Wim Sitters. I modified things (see the monitor model for example- it is shootable/ blowable now) mainly only in the wad's DDDEFN entry.

Screenshot (tekwall2&5)

My gameplay advice, because it is a hard wad and if you don't pay attention for it, you may feel it frustrating:

In this case you can always strafe. You will need it! (There are other good combinations)