Infected Telecom Stations
Telekom.wad-MAP04 gaming
by Charles Horvath (Oldanimal)

I start in a stairway- there will be an exit here, too - this is the last level in this building. There is a lift upwards, but I go on foot- a bit moving will do you good. I go into some shooting affray with some soldier, I kill them with my guns. There are enemies waiting in the lift upstairs, so it was a good choice to come on foot- I would have get straight between my eyes a lot if I had called the lift. After the fight I get into a long corridor. It is worth to gain access slowly, because gunmans greet the uncareful invaders. First I eye on the left, after the blood-flow of the enemies I go right along the longer part of the corridor. While the walk some gunman is killed. An arrachnotron can be killed only from the trehnches of a floor lamp. First there are some keydoors, next there will be two openable, than a closed door. A corridor's end is locked by a door, too. I choose this (version: "In medias res"). Behind the door a lot of monsters is waiting- a task must be get down (Hungarians say that: the underpaint must be tied up). Arrachnotron, cacodemon, fatty, zombies, imps, chaingunners. I open a door to show myself- they are pushing and shoving immediately. Spider opens a fire, but only a sergeant is spattered, a have to look into again, and I sign with a gunshot that I want to go in. The fatty starts too, a caco wants to go through the door, a chaingunner opens a fire at this moment, so the one-eyed retreats to me, I get some wound too, but not for long, because the mancubus begins to fire and stops the chaingunners activity. Incidentally, a spiderdemon is wounded too. It fires back and a fatty touches the ground before long. The reminders must be killed by me. After getting into the corridor, there is two doors on the right, behind them there are WC-s: I have to be faster than the gunmans and the imps to get a positive balance (health will be there). To keep this direction next to the right wall, I reach the next door. I don't want to make lose interest in dooming, but there will be a spider boss here and a key will be needed. So forget this door, and go to the next to start the keyhunting. This blue room is like a conference room with an oval table; the following enemies want me to wipe out: Caco, zombies, imps. I force my way into trimmed with gunshots. There is a skull switch on the left on a column- it lowers the blue key. An another room -like a kitchen- exists behind a door- monsters crowded in it ordered by a cacodemon. I have to withdraw some times to lure them out. Only an imp remains inside- it is a titbit. There is life and ammunition here. Back to the corridor, right, out to the long corridor. The second door on the right is openable. There are watching over greenthrowers and demons on the other side. Demons begin to come to me fast, I retreat, while that I kill the first demon. The second one's shooting is easier, because the hell knight helps me with a green meteor (destined for my kill). At the end I defeat the greenthrower. I force my way into the room. There is a door on the left, and a life in the front of it. I open into, there are a lot of chairs with zombies, and unfortunately, a skeleton, too. So that the Gatling come into limelight. I shoot them properly, the skeleton is stopped only at the door. I go into the room, it is like an auditorium, the projection is in progress. I get the ammunition. Behind the monitor, on the right a wall texture is different a bit- I shoot into. A door opening sound can be heard. A go back to the corridor, it can be seen, that a door on the left, which was closed before, now is opened. A look into this room and shoot once, the hit is certain, because a monster army is resides in it. I retreat to the corridor, wait until the monsters flow out one by one. They started to come to me, the back ones wounds the ones in the front of them, than I kill the winners of the monster-combat. First I shoot the gunmans, they aim well from far away. If there is no outflow, I show myself again than kill the remainders. In this room there will be a lot of ammunition (killed zombie=ammunition). There will be a secret box here (a switch will lower its front wall in the big-spider's room).
In the corridor, in the third room there will be some monsters, ammunition and health. In this kitchen-like room a healt on the counter can be accessed by jumping from a chair.
The fourth and fifth (red keyed) door leads to the same room. There will be a lot of monsters there, cacos, imps, zombies. After opening a door, it is advised to retreat and kill the monsters nearby the door, because inside, behind two bars-boxes, there are arch-vile, barons, revenants, caco. First I aim the wizard with the rocket launcher, and fast retreat, when it is about to hit back. Its hit can run to seed me very much. Some gunmans and lost souls are hiding at the left side of the room. They must be killed fast. There will be two switches on the left, next to the second door. I switch them on. A wall in the middle lowers, behind them chaingunners and a mancubus. They gunners must be killed fast, because it's all up with me.
It is high time to teleport inside the boxes to collect the things, especially the key. Than, go to the last room in the corridor, where hell knights, pain elemental and former sergeants fall my victims. Return for my effort I get some ammunition.
Let's go to the spider boss' room, along the corridor, through the door, the last room on the left. There is a hall inside with some cacos (also good gettable things!), and below a spider mastermind, skeletons, barons. With a good tactics can be achieved that the greenthrowers kill the mastermind and the revenants fail, too (see shot). The remainder barons are rendered harmless by my super shotgun. There are three switches here, the first lifts a stairway, the second lowers a wall in the front of the stairway, the third lowers a wall in an another room (I mentioned it above) to get the secret.
I can go, if there is no to get up. The lift is moving only upwards, I go on foot.