Infected Telecom Stations
Telekom.wad-MAP05 gaming
by Charles Horvath (Oldanimal)

I got into a small room. It has a window and doors. A lot of monsters become visible on the other side and they immediately begin to come to me through the window and the doors and they are firing. I shoot the intruders and the others through the window infallibly. Two chaingunners open a fire far away, they hit each other and a greenthrower wounds, too. While I exterminating the others, only a hell knight remains alive in the background, after it burnt the last chaingunner. So it stares my shotgun out but not for a long. First I open the left side's security gate using a skull switch, than turn right to reach the reception to get the things was guarded by the hell knight and the chaingunners. I have the first key here. I don't go to the brown rocky corridor. I go back to the another security gate direction, because a door against the gate is opened by some imps and zombies, so I have to shoot continuously. Behind the door there is a case of fact (Hungarian text, there is no similar in English): upwards a lot of imps and former sergeants greet me with shells and fireballs, in an insufficiently condemned way. But I try to distribute some sentence, from the door, because the airspace is full of monsters, e.g. on the left in the stairway. After a deadly silence behind the window, I look into the left side. I begin to clear the right side of the stairway. While that a one-eyed begin to fly to me, it turns back only once to burn an unguarded zombie who hit it in the heat of the combat. I retreat, strafe, shoot; the single eye garnished while some internal parts of it flows out, the ball plunges down. Now I shoot the others on the left side of the stairway, their boss is a fatty. Unfortunately, while it shoots me it doesn't burn enough of my enemy. Finally, my Gatling makes the mancubus' flame-throwering and express indignationing end. I start do upstairs, turn twice right to the small corridor. Two demons surround me, I had a narrow escape its biting. The corridor driving right has two doors, behind them WC-s, imps, sergeants. I work my job. Than I collect the things. I go back to the main stairway, in the keydoor. There exists a monster-milling, so I don't hurry inside. Some shooting, retreating, repetition. There is a spiderdemon inside, what is requires a special attention. I go in, because no-one waits me yet behind the door. There is a long corridor, I am recognized again, enemies are shooting and coming. I turn right, there is an imp behind a box. I wait at the corner; an imp and a shotgunner coming from the other direction to kill me. After turning back I open the door, a sergeant is killed. I go onward, I open the door at the end of the corridor. Office, greenthrower, ammunition, switch at the door (inside). Back to the corridor, next door. Gunmans, other demons. At the other side of the passage there are zombies. I collect the things, activate the switch. I go out, a wall is lowering, serge guarder, I kill it and activate the switch (next to the door), which was behind the wall before. Back to the corridor, next door. Monsters again, and some lost souls arrives through the window. Back to the corridor, exit to the another corridor. A box on the right is lowered, so I get the armor and the red key. Onward on the right side, a door is not openable. It can be released from the next room. I go slowly. There is a lot of serge and their chaingunner boss on the right, and plus on the left side cacodemon, serges and an imp to try my patience. They almost manage to do that, a had to retreat once. Finally I am able to clear the ground, so I collect the things than I go into the room containing a lot of PC-s. There are some fallen guns and a switch on the wall. It opens the door mentioned above. The other switch outside opens the door behind you, on the other side of the corridor. First I look into it, a revenant waits me patiently behind the door, than recognizes me, but my Gatling drowns its breath- it is not able to use its rockets. I collect some things, than I go to the other door, opposite from it, at the other side of the corridor. There is a revenant and a hell knight on the left, swithes on the right. I run to activate them, then retreat. One switch lifts a platform with zombies and things, the other activates a press. It kills the revenant and the hell knight. There is an another platform, it can be lifted by shooting the switch at the back wall (zombies, things). Back to the corridor, down on the stairway, left to the keydoor.
There is a lift behind it, a switch lowers it. I go up to show myself, than retreat back and shooting in from the threnches of the door. The skeleton especially wants me to faint, so it hits an imp so much, that te rocket's power makes the imp fly off from the lift- so the thorny tries to fire back but its fireballs get insignificant at the edge of the lift. At the end, the skeleton and me send almost every monsters back to the hell, so I give the mercy shoot to the imp and than attack the revenant. There is no movement upstairs, so i go up with the lift. There is a long window on the left, a room behind it, a cyberdemon, greenthrowers, etc. a lot of monsters are packed into that room. They recognized me, a spiderdemon starts to come to me on the corridor from the left. It starts to fire through the window to me, but a baron of hell stays between us. Meanwhile a cyberdemon is not lazy, its rocket hits some barons. The greenthrowers immediately turns back to the cyber. I don't want to disturb the war, instead it I watch them and try to position myself that the cyber's rocket hit my enemies and not me. If there is no more enemy alive, only the cyd, that means the maximum heat's on! In this case run for the key and for the supercharge to the end of the corridor. The best way is standing at the corner and to make the cyber be nervous using the super shotgun. Avoid the back wall, because the cyd's rockets kill me. There is a key, so it is possible to go to the cyber, but it is dangerous, because if it is at the door, that means: the note is over. Inside it is easyer to kill the boss with making a circles (using the strafe) and shooting. There is a switch on the wall, it lifts an another switch from the ground, that lowers the platform with a lot of things on it. The 200% can be lowered from the other side of the wall. There is a secret switch at the door (on the left side, a lite texture). It opens a secret area over the window, behind them monsters and things. The mosters are to kill, the things can be get from the previous room/door.
There are some things to get or some monsters to kill. Let's see them.
On the first floor, there is a black section on the floor. It teleports me to the transmission room. There will be demons, imps, gunmans, things. Cool Dooming, found the switches, use them, kill the monsters, get the things- only for DooM Gods.
Let's go for the megasphere. Upstairs, straight through the keydoor, right, open the door. Turning back there is two switches on the wall, at the door. The first one lowers a wall behind you (sergebaldy will come), the next lowers the charge. Don't use this switch before the platform in the cyber's room is lowered, because the charge will be inaccessible.
So there is nothing to do only to go onwards to the exit. On the groundfloor, there is a brown rocky corridor, next to the starting room, I left it. Cacos and lost souls will be there, I go up , kill them, then I meet a lift, I call it. After it goes to the groundfloor, I can jump to the other side for some things. Than I call the lift again, and go up to look for thing on the second floor, than I go back to the groundfloor (at the beginning to use a lift is an unpleasant surprise, because a mancubus and a lot of others will welcome me at the second floor, or some cacos and lost souls on the first floor.) So, up for fighting, have to win, the destination is the exit, a cyberdemon is waiting on the next level.