Infected Telecom Stations
Telekom.wad-MAP12 story
by Charles Horvath (Oldanimal)

Map12- Caco spacetransport
Target: Planet Mars, the originate of the monsters. Teleporters were closed, so you are forced to go with the Earth-Moon service flight as a single passenger. Starting from the captain's bridge it become obvious, that the monsters followed you here. There are Imps everywhere and Cacodemons look after the upper airspace. Fortunately there are guns behind you and there are some ammunition and health at the upper region. Unfortunately, the sound of the gunshots make the monsters come to you, so it is quite hard to go out. While monsterkilling you can chart the spaceship. Ahead, the narowing part is the captain's bridge. There are three corridors lenghtwise; two at the edges and one in the middle. The doors open from this corridors. First the stuff's rooms can be found. That ones can be opened without a key (exept one). There are teleport rooms in them; the silver one leads always to the captain's bridge, the red one leads to the workplace of the owners. Be aware that there are a sigle way teleports and you may not go back without getting a key. (Keys can be found in the workplaces)
The rooms (exept the bridge):
- Computer technic, navigation mainframe room (blue key to go out)
- Biohazard area, medical room (red key here)
- Telecommunications (local and space), air supply and condition (red key)
- Meteor-prevention shield generators (yelow key here- you will need it to go out)
- Driving-gear generators (the door located at the end of the central corridor; can be opened with a switch in the centre of the climate room (red keydoor at the end of the left corridor)

You will need radiation suit in the biolabor and in the driving generator room.

In the spaceship there isn't much free space, so the monsters crowded into everywhere, exept the drivig-gear room- they wait in the storeroom instead of it. So that it is worth to switch on the beams of the generators (the switch is located in the yelow keyed monster-storeroom), because monsters have made teleports to the generators, but to touch the anamezone-energy beams is deadly for everybody. You might kill the monsters with this assistance- the stuff of monsters must be decimate in order to get the door opening switch of the passage to the lunar module.

In fact, it is not possible to rest now; instead of the a simple trip the spaceship must be cleaned from the monsters. After visiting all workplaces, a driving gear generator have to be started from the yelow-keyed room (the monster depot will open!), using a teleport outside of this room can be arrived to the central corridor. It is worth to have a fling to the driving gear generator, when a Cacodemon invasion can be seen . They fly through the window to burn you. Other monsters will teleport to the driving generators. While they are dying in the anamezone beams, the cacos should be killed. If almost all monsters diminish, it is possible to go back to the depot to open the exit passage's door by using a remote switch. So that the driving gear room should be visited twice.

Go to the lunar module, what should carry you to the Moon Spaceport 1.

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