Infected Telecom Stations
Telekom.wad-MAP13 story
by Charles Horvath (Oldanimal)

Map13- Moon Space-transmitter


I broke off from the Earth-Moon service flight. I had to be landed at the spaceport, but the final fight with the arch-vile caused a fault in the lunar module's controller, so I had to do a forced landing at the radio station near the spaceport. A long moonwalk was not planned, so a decided to go in...
I open a door, and imps and hell knights begin to throw its meteors and former sergeants want me to shot. I begin to devastate them behind the threnches of the door. When only two hell knights remain, go I in to complete what I begin. There are WC-s upstairs on the right side, and the office of the boss and the TV controller on the left. First I must go the WC, so I clear the woman and the man section from the not-human living forms. After that I visit the bureau of the boss, what is usurped by a baron of hell now. It sign me with a lowing that I don't win its approval, when I open the door; but I show with gunshots that my intention is serious. While that I am noticed from the other room, so I have to retreat. An eager imp runs into the baron's fireball and it doesn't bear it at all. At the end the baron collapses from my gunshots, so I go back to the office. Looking into the room on the left side it seems to be obvious that the control room is under the authority of the monsters. Moreover a revenant starts to run to me and I don't like it's specie at all. Others are hurrying too, a zombie shots onto the skeleton, but it blows up from the revenant's revenge before it recognizes that it was a big mistake. I welcome the revenant with the Gatling; it used to be useful at the combats like this. Than, to kill a rest of monsters is an amusement only. I go back to the corridor and go downstairs, because the blue keyed room cannot be opened because of not having a key at the moment. I choose the teleport on the left. It carries me to the transmission room and to its control room. Arriving here it clearly can be seen that I have to reckon with much more monsters. So that after a shot it is worth to teleport back, than to kill the overcoming monsters at the corner and don't let them go out from the teleport. It is advised to go over when there is no monster to come. It is possible that I have to repeat the retreat some times. If the corridor is passable over the teleport, after a left turn there will be some monsters in the control room; they want to compensate its energy originated from its confining with a humankilling- I have to shot into the fatty and into the green-thrower a lot. In this corridor there is a small door on the other side. Shotgunners and all keys are there. Only the blue key is acessible at the moment, the others are on 1-1 platforms; they can be lowered from far away; I have to go back here for the other keys. I have to hurry with collecting a key, beacause there is some movement outside and I may get stuck here. The remainder monsters have to be killed. I can use the teleport if necessary; the spiderdemon will stuck in the teleport, because it is too big to get out at the other side. The things should be collected. Near the wall, in the transmission room (North side) there is a platform with four switches and four doors (East wall). Each switch opens a door. I open three of them. I go in the next room through the opened door. Inside there are four monsters each in a platform. Spiderdemon, hell knight, etc., if I go next to the platforms, they will lower, so I have to be careful. If I go under the big lightning structure, a supercharge will start going up and down in the middle of it. It is advised not to get it now. Above me an imp-and-cacodemon horde wants me still to roast. From the door left, diagonally there is a switch in the corner, nearby the lift; it will lower the yellow key in the keyroom. Stepping a line at the lift a wall lowers on the left, and a lot of monsters will be released. I had better do circles or go out and kill everybody who follows me. Inside it is impossible to stop because I will be wounded from upstairs. To go round is advantageous due to the less amount of used up ammunition (the monster-fight may evolve not only on the groundfloor).
It is high time to go back for the yellow key. when I come back, it can be seen that there are two doors upstairs: a red keyed (cannot be opened yet) and a yellow-keyed. Going up with the lift is recommended after the killing a rest of monsters firing them from down. There are imps, soldiers, armor and computer map in the yelow keyed room. I go back tho the teleport room. I have a blue key, so I can go to the room located upstairs called the modulation room. There are some monsters inside it; they can be killed easily. There are two switches in the other side of the room; the one on the left lowers a wall behind it, it should be activated first. A room is revealed on the left, cacos and others aligned within and are waiting motionless. It would be better not to let them come out alive from there. A switch on the other side lowers the lift. It had better activate it after showing myself from down, from every angle and after that the revenants and hell knights are killed. To go up immediately causes that I possibly can't get away with the attack of the monsters. There are some things to collect, but nothing serious.
Back, out of door, downstairs; target: the other teleport. There are a corridor, some cacodemons are waiting here. It is worth not to postpone its slaying. The corridor's end is closed with some columns. There are backpacks behind them. To open the columns I have to get over some monsters. Behind the door on the left are waiting a cacodemon, chaingunner, etc. It is a suicide to go in immediately. Standing by the door I could get a permission to go in using the Gatling. After bursting a caco-balloon I go in. There is a lift on the left. I don't jump down immediately, first I kill the monsters located down- there is not enough space to fight or escape. Going down there is a bricklit wall on the right. It is a secret door. Behind it there are some monsters and a head switch at the end of this corridor. That lowers the bricklit wall outside, at the other side of the stairway. Behind it can be collected a super shotgun. In the middle, going upstairs, there are two head switches on the wall. They lowers the columns I mentioned. After activating a switch it is possible to jump over to the brick platform to collect the rocket and other things running from the narrow border. Next step is the room behind the door at the top of the stairway. (This room was made to my wife; the Marble-style room a bit differs from the others and was made from her instuctions- after I showed her Chilvence's new marble faces, she felt like see them in a level). There will be only four greenthrowers there; Walking triggers control the lowering of the four columns and the lightning of the decorations located at the corners like impaled humans etc. The lowering columns contain some health and a box of shells.
Back to the corridor, I could get the backpacks. After that I open the other door and try to shot the sergeants. There are a cacodemon hordes and imps too. It is advised to show myself to them then step back and try to urge them to remain inside using the super shotgun or some stronger if necessary. But much cacodemons can defeat me. If there was a lot of caco in the corridor, I would have to teleport back and apply the usual method. If there would be only some cacodemons in the room (called workshop) is possible to go in to perforate the remainder cacos. I need a walk there first; triggers will rise platforms with switches. This SW-s lowers some platforms to release the entrances to four cells. Some imps must be killed now.
A cell on the right contains a secret room, the last on the right has a switch, which lowers the red key in the keyroom. So there is a trip back for the red key, then go back here. A last cell on the left contains a red door opening switch. This red door drives to a long corridor having a well-tried cacodemon supervision. Going in is possible after its death. The wall on the right has three switches (you need all keys); they permit you to go over the skull-columns. It is worth not to hurry them to switch on, because a cyberdemon resides at the end of corridor and if it would be set free, to come unstuck is very probable. So it is advised to go in the first door on the left. Imps swarmed behind the window, sergeants are on the left and behind them cacos, of course. There is a switch which opens a door on the right, behind the monsters-only teleport. From the other side the door can be opened without a switch (by cacos, too). Knowing that and positioning myself well can be make most of cacos come out and use the teleport. This substance carrier's destination is next to the exit guarding cyberdemon. It is advised to go in after the rest of caco was teleported. There is a door inside, it can be seen after opening a door with a switch, going in then looking left. There are imps, but don't worry. Behind the door a revenant is waiting, so it is worth to change to the Gatling. After the crackling sound of the skeleton's death I use the switch, which rises a platform with a spider mastermind at the and of the corridor behind the cyberdemon. It is worth to show myself to it on the corridor: Spider opens a fire and possibly wounds the cyberdemon, what returns that. Spider will bite the dust, now I let them fight, cacos are joining in now, too. Let's use the first switch. Some cacos must be killed again. Target: the next door on the left. Inside sergeants welcome me, I return its greeting with the shotgunfire to wave a final goodby to them. To step into the bright area causes the lowering of the window's lower part, so monsters might come to me, but some of them will teleport to the cyberdemon. A tactical movement can cause the teleporting of the monsters. I left some dead in this room, the livings are in the corridor, so don't make them wait. I show myself, and it can be seen a combat, the winner possibly will be a cyberdemon. The mastermind is dead, there was a sound to demonstrate it. Don't hurt the fighters. Lets use the yellow switch instead of it now. It makes the third door be acessible on the left. It is similar to the other rooms, a walking trigger opens two doors and the rest of monsters -walking over the teleport trigger- can be teleported- the task is to make them do it. Sometimes a retreat needs to be done because a big amount of monsters being thirsty for my blood. Cyd still exterminates the others, if not, it is dead or there are no more monsters or they don't fight with each other- this problems have to be managed at the moment. I am lucky, because cyd collapses, only two greenthrower is alive. After killing them it can be used the third switch. The short way is to go back to collect things and exit, the longer is to go in the red keydoor located left, near the exit line at the end of the corridor. Behind the red door it is a stairway driving up. After leaving a walking trigger, walls lower both side behind me, when I turn back, at the upper part of the corridor. Revenant emerges on the left side, gunmans wants to fire opposite the skeleton's room. I make an order with the Gatling. In the skeleton's room there is a BFG and an armor. Opposite that there is a woodden-style room, imps wallow in throwing its fireballs. After signing them the fact (with my shotgun) that I have already came, I turn right. Behind the door there are imps, shotgunners, I backfire, that causes the death of the monsters. I collect the shotguns than open the other door. A hell knight's lowing can be heard at the moment, and it is not alone, so I have to waste my time with pumping some lead onto them until they drop off to eternal sleep. I collect the things in this technical room including the small doors at the end of the rows. The computer table can be reached by jumping from the chair'arm. I go back to the place of imp-death, and open the door. There are shotgunners inside, I shoot them. At the other side there is one left, it tries to kill me lying in ambush, but it is not resistant against my shotgun shell. There is an opening on the right, I sprinkle the monster stuff including sergeants on the right and a green-trower and its fellows further. Turning back it can be seen a switch. It opens a door on the corridor. I go in this. A corridor leads onward. In the middle of the long part there is a niche on the left, a serge is waiting for me, but I am the faster. I get in to the dead hell knight and collect some bagatelles.
It is possible to go back from the red keyed stairway-corridor for the supercharge. I go up, open the door, go straight and go down with the lift, then turn back and wait until the 100% health lowers and can be get. Other things can be collected, if they needed. Than go to the exit.

So, that's all fellows, Oldanimal says goodbye for today, let's go to the warm bed.

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