Infected Telecom Stations

Telekom.wad- 1.47, 1.53
by Charles Horvath (Oldanimal)


Version 1.45, Maps 1-3 highlights (Open online video)
Version 1.45, Maps 4-6 highlights (Open online video)
Version 1.45, Maps 7-11 highlights (Open online video)
Version 1.45, Maps 12-15 highlights (Open online video)
Version 1.45, Maps 31,32,16 highlights (Open online video)
Version 1.45, Maps 17-22 highlights (Open online video)
Version 1.45, Maps 23-27 highlights (Open online video)
Version 1.45, Maps 28-30 highlights (Open online video)
Version 1.45, Map 2 full, part1 (Open online video)
Version 1.45, Map 2 full, part2 (Open online video)
Version 1.50, Map 15 parts (NEW) (Open online video)
Version 1.53, Map 1 part1 (new) (Online video)
Version 1.53, Map 1 part2 (new) (Online video)

Map01 :
Problematic room Secret room Port tester room-many lines on sight

Map02 :
Glass house An easy part Tricky a bit

Map03 :
Secret room There are some ornating Secret outside area

Map04 :
Corridor Teleport facility Street fight

Map05 :
Blue key in the blue room Demon store-saw should be used Acid life

Map06 :
Shooting in the rain Secret from the darkness Firing through the window

Map07 :
It is the surface terminal Colors Arrival room

Map08 :
Monsters fight - outside arena Secret room Secret room 2.

Map09 :
Map09 video
Skulls everywhere Revenants here Fireballs from the dark

Map10 :
About to street fight Imp assistance Movie balcony

Map11 :
Airport hall Yellow key switch Exit to the airplane

Map12 :
Map12 story
Map12 video
Spaceship monitors Spaceship corridor Computer room

Map13 :
Map13 story
Broadcast control Woodden pavement Machinery

Map14 :
Map14 story
Observatory Men mainframe Metal structures everywhere

Map15 :
Skull fire Watery Exit is closed

Map16 :
This is a big map Teleport machine Passage

Map17 :
Monsters face to face Spider on the street Way to the exit facility

Map18 :
The building Entrance Central hall

Map19 :
Central room Metal structures Monster store

Map20 :
Caco attack Woody part Arena corridor

Map21 :
Teleport destination Generator room Metal mania

Map22 :
I am a sci-fi fan Exit teleport Small control room

Map23 :
Map23 video
Some formers have to be killed here Spider in the acid Yellow light (1.5. Doomsday)

Map24 :
Straightforward puzzles Modified room Bosses room

Map25 :
Dangerous part Secret outside Redesigned room

Map26 :
Favourite woodmetals Important teleport to meet bosses New bethween the ruins

Map27 :
See the monster fight- big outside arena Very metallic corridor Blowing up of the formers

Map28 :
Try to arrange a meeting bethween the cyd-rockets and the green-throwers A good result Bone lights

Map29 :
1200 sectors I tried to destroy or redesign the similar rooms A light armory

Map30 :
Some hellish theme will be there The monster respawner Enough life

Map31 :
Hotel entrance New room Arena

Map32 :
Hotel hall, SS soldiers were killed New room Shore of Balaton

Read telekom.txt

Read Telemus.txt


Wads' size 25Mb uncompressed, 7Mb compressed

Total size 47Mb uncompressed, 30Mb compressed

What are these files? What to do with them? See the readme first!

Telekom.wad v1.47 for any port

maps1-32, extensions, etc. download

Telekom v1.53 Doomsday zip (52MB)

maps, hi-res textures, models download

Telekom v1.47 Risen3D install (39MB)

maps, hi-res textures download


Midi sounds, doom sounds download

Hi-Res Textures for Telekom

download textures pack for Gzdoom, prBoom.

Hi-Res flats for Telekom

download Hi-Res flats for Gzdoom, prBoom.

I also have a doom2 remix music wad (SB Live + good headphones)

Download my doom2 remix

(If you don't like some pwad's music, add it at the end of the wad list to kill the original pwad music)

My gameplay advice, because it is a hard wad and if you don't pay attention for it, you may feel it frustrating:

In this case you can always strafe. You will need it! (There are other good combinations)