Infected Telecom Stations
Telekom.wad-MAP14 story
by Charles Horvath (Oldanimal)


Map14- Pluto robotbase story

The commander of the UAC base had wished to create a new base on planet Pluto before he was killed by the evil Fuentes near the big magic red mirror. It has not been known, that the mirror created the base or not - so far.
After clearing a moon radio transmitter, I was catched and I am transported to the planet Pluto at the moment - robots are asking me continuously. They say, that they began to search the humankind- it was the part of their program- they are referring to the name of the dead UAC base commander. First they began to search in the planet Neptunus, Uranus, Saturnus, Jupiter and their moons. But lifeforms have been found only in Mars so far. Deimos and Phobos have not been investigated yet. I was the first in this species to transport to the Pluto. But the robots, Leo1 and Leo2 say, that you will not be the first living type in Pluto, they are several other forms, but the base commander, Einstein and Joker (who is responsible for the communications) say, that they may not be humans. They are floating red balls and spheres, big ones with horns and hoofs, several half-robotic and half-living mechanoids, but some of them look like humans. (what do you think about them?) It was impossible to communicate with them. I was the first who were able to use the "short way" and answer to their questions. So that they wanted to ask to me a lot of things.
While a space transporting I am informed about the Pluto base. Einstein is the name of the control computer, the others' responsibility are:
Joker: communication and the unexpected events
Maxwell: carry out space trips, meteor prevention and annihilation
Kepler: astronomy, meteor storm forecast
Curie: Energy supply
Leonardo: produce robots (they are called LEO+ a number), machines and appliances
Mengyeleyev: Produces all of the elements from the mined substances
(This was written by Peter Zsoldos in the book "Counterpoint")
You arrive in the automatic base Pluto, and will see the computers, and- Cacodemons, spiderdemons, etc! Robots collected almost all monsters to examine them! It seems, that the wish was unfinished- missed the information, that the monsters have to be terminated by the robots! My task changed- not to answer some questions, but kill the monsters and after that try to report that there is a new UAC base- General Longfeather should send computer programmers to set up the robots for the monster killing! Now the basis helps me to open doors, activate lifts, switch on lights- but it is not able to kill the monsters.
After clearing the station a spaceship (producing controlled by Maxwell) is ready to transport me onward.

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