Infected Telecom Stations
by Charles Horvath (Oldanimal)

#-Telekom (web page distribution) readme-#

1. Game file descriptions


3. Effects and issues, engine dependency

4. Advices

First if you haven't done yet: Replace the fire and use keys (let the "fire" be the spacebar, and the "use" the alt key. Learn to use that keyboard configuration. Mouse usage and the normal keyboard configuration lead you into the sudden death. If you have a slow computer, use Risen3D (base mode) or Legacy. You should use my regular doom tekwall textures (the packs does not contain them): tekwall1, tekwall2, tekwall3, tekwall4, tekwall5, skintek1, skintek2. See them at http:\\\texture1.htm. This wad's hi-res textures can be downloaded from http:\\\texture2.htm

5. Cooperative test issues

5.1. Test enviroment
We tested it at home, with 4 computers, the router has 4 ports. Usually 2 players were playing. Windows XP has a firewall, you have to enable the request, when the window appears. TCPIP protocoll was used.
#1: XP, Dell Optiplex280 (3GHz Intel Pentium4, integrated 128K video RAM, 1G RAM)
#2: XP, Pentium4, Celeron (2GHz CPU, Nvidia GF3 with 128K video RAM, 256k RAM)
#3: XP, IBMT42 Laptop (2X1.3GHz Intel DualCore, integrated 128K video RAM, 512k RAM)
#4: Win98, Compaq Deskpro (933MHz Intel Pentium3, NVidia Gf2 with 64K video RAM, 256k RAM)
The last one was not able to handle for example Map21 very well using jDoom 1.8.6.
The FPS went down to 0.02. I was not able to find out, why.
A newer versions don't work on these computers, snowberry doesn't start.
It could be a Python problem, maybe XP don't have some extensions in our language. I am not sure about that.
So that we tested with Doomsday 1.7.14. All extension (models, high-resolution textures, etc.) was switched on. Results:
-There was no crash.
-The speed was ok.
-Using a guest computer, some things were hovering in the air (ammo, weapon, medikit, etc.). The host computer was able to handle these things well. (In this wad you can find a lot of small sectors)

6. Information

You can see screenshots, videos, demos from this wad here: http:\\\shots.htm (My homepage: http:\\\) Have a Fun! Old.