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Click to enlarge- Chex Quest

Chex Quest TC
(05 level wad)

Author: The Wildman
Not port specific, Doom2 wad.
Very good looking.
Very well playable.
Bloodless DooM.

Click to enlarge- Chris.wad

ChrisWAD v6.1
(20 SP level wad)

Author: Chris Polan
Not port specific, Doom2 wad.
Map01-20 SP +10DM
Quite well designed.
Playability ok..
Funny, but disturbing sounds (from toon?)

Click to enlarge- Cod1-11.wad

City of Doom beta 1-11
(11 level wad)

Author: Paul Maurone (a.k.a. `Nowotny')
Not port specific, Doom2 wad.
Map01-11 SP
Architecture extreme well designed.
Only sometimes dark. Good textures.
Playability ok, but a bit hard.
Good music selection (ELP, Yes, LZ)


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