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BF_THUD! v2.1
(29 level wad)

Author: Christen David Klie
Not port specific, Doom2 megawad.
Good looking.
Well playable.
A bit tricky.

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Operation Biowar
(19 level wad)

Authors: Chris Harbin,
Paul Corfiatis, John Bishop
Not port specific, Doom2 megawad.
Map01-18, 31
Very well playable.
Complex, well designed levels.
Excellent sounds.
Good, not disturbing music.

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One Bloody Night
(Maps 1-9)
One Bloody Night

Author: Erik Alm
Not port specific, Doom2 Map01-09.
Map 01 is ok. Then its hardness goes to the nightmare.
Very good design, but a bit dark (design 4),
but impossible to play (use IDDQD) (playability 1)

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Boldwar (Map 1.)

Author: Kenny Coughlan - aka 'KennyJC'
Not port specific, Doom2 Map01.
Good arcitecture and playability, a bit dark.
(This shot was recorded pressing IDBEHOLDL)


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