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Not port specific wad-Doom2- Map1-32
A breakthrough Pwad.
Excellent work!
Author: Team TNT.

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Hell Revealed

Author: Yonatan Donner & Haggay Niv
Not port specific,Doom2 32Map.
Good architecture and playability.
A precedent value megawad

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Memento Mori2- Doom2 32 levels
Memento Mori 2.

Author: MM2 crew
Another legendary megawad.
Not port specific

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Requiem- 32 levels Doom2

Author: Team Requiem
Not port specific

Another base-pillar megawad

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Eternal- 32 levels Final DooM

Author: Team Eternal,
Team TNT.

Not port specific

Maybe the best known megawad.

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Doom2 Reloaded- 32 levels Doom2

Author: Andy Stewart

Not port specific, for more screenshot see http://www.wadsinprogress.info

2009. year Megawad.


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