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Knee-Deep II- Bloodbath

Not port specific wad
-Doom1- E1M1-E1M5, M9 Single player
Authors: Aug & Ben Sze
Missing unpegging.
Texture offset problems.
Keys usually in secret areas.
But who cares? Excellent fights,
long lasting, good shooter levels.

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Extremal Doom

Not port specific wad
-Doom1- E1M1-E3M9 Single player
Author: Mikle Ilyin
Doom1 E1 - E3 epizód.
Eventful planning.
Sometimes too dark.
Very enjoyable gameplay, worth to download it.

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Author: Equino-x
Not port specific, E1M1-M9 SP.
Good playability, excellent music (Jean-Michel Jarre),
good sounds.

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(E1 M1-9)
Retro Episodes 1

Author: Christian N. Hansen aka 'c-cooper'
Not port specific, Doom1 E1M1-9.
Excellent maps.
Very good design, sometimes a bit dark (design 4),
very well playable, a bit easy (playability 5)

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Food Processing

Not port specific, Doom1 E1M1
Well done wad,
playability is very good.
Not too ornated (retro style), but it is ok.
Gameplay is balanced.
Author: Owen "Sarge Baldy" Lloyd.

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Not port specific wad
-Doom1- E1M1-E1M9 Single player
Author: Paul Ladas
A Doom1 E1 episode.
Well balanced gameplay.
Good architecture, not too ornated.

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Not port specific wad
-Doom1- E1M1,E1M9 Single player
Author: Pavel Hodek
An unbelieveable well done wad from 1994!
Good textures and sounds.
The music hit is a good selection.
Spider masterminds-do not shoot them!


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