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Not port specific wad
-Doom1- E1M1-E1M9 Single player
Author: Paul Ladas
A Doom1 E1 episode.
Well balanced gameplay.
Good architecture, not too ornated.

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The Beginning of the End (part 1)

Not port specific wad
-Doom1- E1M1-E2M9 Single player
Author: Emil Brundage
A Doom1 E1 & E2 episode.
I disliked some sounds, but the music ok.
Very good arcitecture, but most of part darkish.
Very hard gameplay,
I am not enough good to fulfil it on UV.

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Author: Equino-x
Not port specific, E1M1-M9 SP.
Good playability, excellent music (Jean-Michel Jarre),
good sounds.

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Extremal Doom

Not port specific wad
-Doom1- E1M1-E3M9 Single player
Author: Mikle Ilyin
Doom1 E1 - E3 epizód.
Eventful planning.
Sometimes too dark.
Very enjoyable gameplay, worth to download it.


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