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Not port specific, Doom2 Maps 1-32
Some darkness, a bit hard at the end.
The levels looks like the originals.
Author: Björn Ostmann a.k.a. Vader or Bobjet.
It is worth to play with it!

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Phobos - Relive The Nightmare (9 level wad)

Author: Shams Young
Not port specific, Doom2 multilevel wad.
Good looking, quite detailed.
Well playable, but
sometimes archviles come to kill you.

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Not port specific, Doom2 Map1-11
This wad was made absolutely for my taste, except the darkness.
The levels looks like the originals.
Author: Alexander "Eternal" S.
(aka Deadall).
Thanks for Deadall and we are waiting for the next chapter!
I highly recommend it! (5-5)

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Realm of Chaos
(32 level wad)

Author: Team TMT
Not port specific, Doom2 megawad.
Quite good looking.
Very well playable.
Some new sprites, so switch off
models: gettable things.


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