Small E1 Episode
by Charles Horvath (Oldanimal)

Archive Maintainer :
Update to : smallde1 v1.31
Advanced engine needed : any limit removing
Primary purpose : Single player
Title : Small doom1 E1 episode
Filename : Smallde1.wad
Release date : 2007.02.01.(v1.1) 2008.11.08.(v1.2) 2009.06.01. (v1.3) 2009.12.01 (v1.31)
Author : Karoly (Charles) Horvath
Email Address :
Other Files By Author : Telekom.wad
Misc. Author Info : 48 years old doom player (not a serious wad author)

Description : Retro style shooter episode for Doom, not impossible, a bit harder than the original E2

Additional Credits to : id software, SkyJake, Dani J666, Cheb, Codeimp, Randy Heit, Abbs, the members of the DooM2/jDTP/DHTP retexturing projects, Graham Jackson, Graf Zahl, Csabo,,,,,, Gennaro Marchese, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Iron Maiden, Royal Hunt,, Jens Hykkelbjerg, Olivier Montanuy

* What is included *
New levels : Yes
Sounds : Yes
Music : Yes
Graphics : Yes
Dehacked/BEX Patch : Yes
Demos : Doomsday, Risen3D
Other : Ambient sounds, effects

* Play Information *
Game : DOOM1/Ultimate v1.9
Map # : E1M1-E1M9
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player : Player starts only
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Player starts only
Other game styles :
Difficulty Settings : Yes

* Construction *
Base : New from scratch
Build Time : 1 year
Editor(s) used : Doom Builder, Deepsea, XWE, Midisoft, Midimus, RMB, Deutext
Known Bugs : go down

May Not Run With... : doom.exe, doom95 exe: unknown thing error

Modifications if you have the old file:
-More sectors, more fun: E1M1-M7 have > than 700 sectors now
-Music, sound modifications
-titlepic, textures, flats, definitions were added
-gameplay modifications: it is not so hard now. There are more secrets.

* Copyright / Permissions *
Authors may NOT use the contents of this file as a base for modification or reuse.
You MAY distribute this file, provided you include this text file, with
no modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file
intact. This file may not be used for any commercial purposes without the
author's agreement.* Where to get the file that this text file describes *
The Usual: and mirrors
*You will see more about this levels at my website :*
You can have here the high resolution textures and flats.

Finally some thing briefly about this episode:
-More than 5000 sectors and 3000 monsters, small, but quite detailed and not short wads.
-Continuous monster-killing, I hope you will be stuck at that wad at least 3 hours.
-There are no added ammo until E1M4 (only some weapons). Kill formers!
-There are no boring dungeons.
-There are no serious secrets, but there will be 5/level .
-There aren't many poisoned sectors in dungeons.
-There are no large areas, so you don't need tu run hours to get back somewhere.
-Probably you can escape from everywhere.
-Lights optimized for the best scenery (no total darkness-turn back the brigthness).

"Get your finger
On the trigger!
Your cold eyes
Taking aim..."
(Deep Purple: The Cut Runs Deep)

Have a fun!

Oldanimal- a doom player (maybe the worst wad author of the World)

Smallde1 readme

1. Wad file descriptions

1.1. Smallde1.wad

Main wad file, contains the maps, textures, flats, new sounds, new music, ambient sounds, graphics, sndinfo for zdoom.
(Using Risen3d: place it into the "C:\Risen3D\R3DGames\smallde1\pwads" folder, create the folder firts. Suppose that the R3d is installed: C:\Risen3D)

1.2. Smde1_dd.wad

Doomsday specific extensions, dehacked patch and dd_defn lump. You will have using that ambient sounds, snow fall, rain, dripping shower, exit flat effects, texture (old and new) light definitions, graphic patch replacements, fog in one map. The new thing, that I figured out, how to use the zdoom compatible ambient sound things, so that it was possible not to modify the main wad.

1.3. Smde1_r3.wad

Risen3D specific extension. It makes snow, rain, patch replacements, map info.
Risen3D is compatible with zdoom ambient sounds, so if you want only the ambients, you will not need this wad.

1.4. smde1_zd.wad

This is only a mapinfo lump for zdoom and the graphics patches for zdoom and for any other ports not mentioned above. Level names and some fog are in the mapinfo.

Usage: Use only the proper extension wad, depending on your port. Other ones should not be extracted. It affects mainly Risen3d, because it understands all of them (1.2-1.4)!

1.5. udemo1.cdm

Doomsday demo, place it to C:\Doomsday\Run\jDoom\Demo\ folder.
Go to console and then type: playdemo udemo1.cdm , if does not starts automatically.

1.6. smallde1.r3dem

Risen3d demo, place it to C:\Risen3D\demo\ folder.
Go to console and then type: playdemo smallde1 .

1.7. smallde1.deh

Level names, if you are not Risen3d, jDoom or zdoom compatible port user.

2. High resolution textures and flats files in zip format


Tekwall high resolution textures, compressed png, true color and 256 color format.


Other high resolution textures, compressed png, 256 color format.


Flat high resolution textures, compressed png, 256 color format.

Risen3D: Compress all files into the C:\Risen3D\Data\Custom.hires\smallde1 folder (of course, if the Risen3D exists: C:\Risen3D). Create the folder.
Doomsday older versions:
Compress all files into the C:\Doomsday\Data\jDoom\textures folder (of course, if the Doomsday exists: C:\Doomsday).
Prboom (glboom)+: Create a /textures and a /flats folder in your prboom directory.
Unzip the textures into the /textures folder.
Than unzip the flats into the /flats folder. You have to rename all flats, removing the "flat-" part from the beginning of the filenames.
For example "flat-metplat2.png" should be renamed to "metplat2.png".
Doomsday latest versions also have a /flats folder, you should use it to place the new flats, renaming is needed, see above.
Gzdoom: similar to PRboom.

3. Effects and issues, engine dependency

3.1. Risen3d

There are no problems on the test computers. Good fps, if everything (Hi-res textures, models) are switched on. Smooth gameplay, good movement.
You will have: titlepic, ambient sounds, rain, snow, fog, level names replaced (not always, doomsday old version issue), high resolution texture and flat usage, demo.
I had to delete some effects from the dd_defn, because they does not seem to work with this engine, but it is a very small problem only (actually, the smallest).

3.2. Doomsday 1.7.14, 1.8.6

The slowest test computer have during the game speed issues (some wad parts).
Since the ambient sounds can not be attenuated, sometimes you will hear some sound cavalcade. Not a big problem.
Since the sound thing is used as a dummy model, if you don't use models, they can be seen as a "TFOG" (teleport fog) sprite (or if the 3D models are on, but a sound thing is further than the 3dmodel visibility limit).
You have to switch the "Use external textures in all pWads" function, so that you will not have the titlepic.
You will have: ambient sounds, rain, snow, fog, patches replaced (not always, doomsday old version issue, new versions handle it perfectly), high resolution texture and flat usage, texture lights, other effects, demo.

3.3. Prboom(glboom)+

No problems, fast and smooth gameplay.
You can see graphic patches and the high resolution textures and flats.
Other effects will not work.

3.4. Zdoom

No problems, fast and smooth gameplay.
You can have perfect ambient sounds.
Graphic patches will work.

3.5. GZdoom

The player turns too fast (FPS?). There are sometimes white pixels at horizontal lines near the floor.
You can have ambient sounds.
Graphic patches will work.
You can have high resolution textures and flats.

3.6. Legacy

No problems, fast and smooth gameplay, the player turns fine (like at Doomsday and Risen3d) There are sometimes white pixels at horizontal lines near the floor (fewer than in gzdoom).
Graphic patches will work.

3.7. Doom95

Due to the ambient sounds the program will exit.
I wanted to do this wad to be port-independent, but I overdetailed it, so unfortunately it does not seemed to work properly with my Doom Collector's Edition engine, so I decided to add the ambient sounds, which made this wad be impossible to play with doom95.

4. Advices

First if you haven't done yet:
Replace the fire and use keys (let the "fire" be the spacebar, and the "use" the alt key. Learn to use that keyboard configuration. Mouse usage and the normal keyboard configuration lead you into the sudden death.
If you have a slow computer, use Risen3D (base mode) or Legacy or Zdoom.
You should use my regular doom tekwall textures (Hi-res pack1 contains them):
tekwall1, tekwall2, tekwall3, tekwall4, tekwall5, skintek1, skintek2, skinbord. See them at http:\\\texture1.htm.
To download click to a thumb to open (in new window) the big picture, than right click to save as the big picture (if it is a single PNG, not a ZIP pack).
(Thumbs are resized to 1/2)
This wad's hi-res textures can be seen and downloaded from

5. Information

You can see screenshots from this wad here:
(My homepage: http:\\\)

I have a longer description from the wad (1.2) here, with pictures:

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