Small E1 Episode
Author: Charles Horvath (Oldanimal)

SCREENSHOTS-(Doomsday 1.7.14)

Start Only some acid Yellow key

E1M2 :
Danger zone Exit You will have the chainsaw

E1M3 :
Entrance hall Dressing Pool

E1M4 :
Outer teleport station Corridor Lost soul coming

E1M5 :
Woody textured room Outside fight arena You need all keys to exit

E1M6 :
Usable here the BFG Attack from the darkness Start for the yellow key

E1M7 :
Cella-user room The outside arena E1 style room

E1M8 :
Mastermind is waiting in this building Jump for the red skullkey Armory

E1M9 :
Exit through the lava Deadly corridor Arena

Mixed pictures :
New room 1 New room 2 New room 3
E1M5 woodden room E1M4 New outside area
E1M5 outside area Some new textures Rain

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